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A Week in Europe with Rick Lamb: Helping the Internet Community Contribute to a Stable and Secure Internet

28 September 2017
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Dr. Rick Lamb, ICANN's Senior Program Manager of DNSSEC, recently toured several European countries, as part of ongoing work from ICANN's Security, Stability and Resiliency (SSR) Team, offering free workshops on DNS Security and DNSSEC to the Internet community.

Beginning in Tallinn, Estonia, Rick worked with the ccTLD registry for .ee (Estonia), which gathered key Internet stakeholders for a two-day in-depth DNSSEC training. The .lv (Latvia) registry organized a similar DNSSEC training in Riga, Latvia.

The support of these national registries makes it possible for ICANN to reach key stakeholders in local Internet ecosystems. The help and support is important for ICANN. Thank you, Eesti Interneti Sihtasutus and Nic.LV for your help organizing these workshops.

After the training in Latvia, Rick flew to Warsaw, Poland where he gave a keynote speech at the Security Case Study, a conference organized by the Polish Cybersecurity Foundation. Rick's speech, "Cybersecurity, Keys and Hollywood: The truth about the Internet's phonebook and the 7 Keyholders," included hands-on audience involvement and was very well received, with a robust question and answer session.

After the conference, Rick conducted an information session for government representatives, ISPs and energy providers, organized by the Polish registry NASK, where he explained how these institutions could benefit from DNSSEC workshops. Thank you to NASK for helping ICANN gather important stakeholders.

He also gave a talk at Hackerspace Warsaw, which was well received and ran almost twice the expected time due to the amount of questions.

Rick then attended ION Malta, a conference organized by the Internet Society in Malta. He gave two presentations, an introduction to DNSSEC and an explanation of DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) and the future of Transport Layer Security (TLS). The following day, Rick gave a one-day DNSSEC training workshop attended by participants from the .mt (Maltese ccTLD registry), the Malta Information Technology Agency and others.

If you are interested in training possibilities for your community, please contact Gabriella Schittek at gabriella.schittek@icann.org


Gabriella Schittek

Gabriella Schittek

Stakeholder Engagement Director, Nordic & Central Europe

Adam Peake

Civil Society Engagement Sr. Manager