Update on ICANN Meetings in Marina Del Rey (13-16 November)

10 November 2000

Hi!  This email is an update on the ICANN meetings next week in Marina del Rey, California.  The meetings are free to attend, and open to any interested person.  We encourage broad participation in our bottom-up consensus-development process -- you can participate either in person, or (for the large meetings) via the Internet.

Full details are posted at <http://www.icann.org/mdr2000>.

o Meeting Location

Marina Beach Marriott
4100 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey, California 90292
Phone: (310) 301-3000

o Schedule

MONDAY, 13 November

0800-1700 - Registration Desk Open
0900-1000 - ICANN Orientation Workshop
1030-1230 - Workshop on Internationalized Domain Names
1330-1700 - DNSO Business Constituency <http://www.bcdnso.org>
0900-1800 - DNSO Country Code TLD Registry Constituency <http://www.wwtld.org>
0830-1030 - DNSO gTLD Registry Constituency <http://www.gtldregistries.org>
0900-1300 - DNSO Intellectual Property Constituency <http://ipc.songbird.com>
1330-1700 - DNSO ISP Constituency <http://www.dnso.icann.org/constituency/ispcp/ispcp.html>
0900-1800 - DNSO Non-Commercial Constituency <http://www.ncdnhc.org>
1330-1700 - DNSO Registrars Constituency <http://www.dnso.icann.org/constituency/registrars/registrars.html>

TUESDAY, 14 November

0800-1700 - Registration Desk Open
0900-1700 - Governmental Advisory Committee <http://www.noie.gov.au/projects/international/DNS/gac/index.htm>
0900-1200 - Address Supporting Organization <http://www.aso.icann.org>
0900-1200 - DNSO General Assembly * <http://www.dnso.icann.org>
1300-1600 - DNSO Names Council * <http://www.dnso.icann.org>
1600-1800 - IANA and ccTLD Administrators
1830-2030 - Reception

WEDNESDAY, 15 November

0800-1700 - Registration Desk Open
0830-1800 - ICANN Public Forum *
1900-2100 - Reception

THURSDAY, 16 November

0900-1500 - ICANN Board Meeting *

o Agenda

There are two major agenda items posted for next week's ICANN Public Forum and Board meeting:  (1) selection of new TLDs, and (2) study of At Large membership.

A staff report on the new TLD applications has been posted at <http://www.icann.org/tlds/report>.

o Webcast & Remote Participation

The meetings marked by (*) above will be webcast: <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/la2000>.  The webcast includes video, audio, realtime scribe's notes, and mechanisms for public comments and questions.

o Sponsors

ICANN thanks the sponsors of these meetings: <http://www.icann.org/mdr2000/sponsors.htm>.

o Note on Overcrowding

Everyone should be aware that the number of pre-registrations for this meeting has been quite large relative to previous ICANN meetings (over 900 so far).  Though our main meeting room is as large as previous ICANN meetings, it may be that some meeting rooms are crowded.  We are doing our best to make overflow space available, if needed.  A little patience and understanding will be asked of everyone.

We hope to see you next week (in person or online)!