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Survey to Contribute Your Views to the Independent Assessment of the Ombudsman Office

10 April 2017

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Have you ever interacted with ICANN's Office of the Ombudsman? Do you have thoughts on areas for improvement? Please take the survey to contribute to the current Ombudsman Assessment.

This assessment of the ICANN Ombudsman Office was initiated in response to Recommendations from the Second Accountability and Transparency Review and the community-led WorkStream 2.

The survey has been developed by the independent assessor, Cameron Ralph LLC, in conjunction with the WS2 Subteam 'Ombuds'. All survey responses are submitted anonymously by default. Your name is collected to assure legitimate responses and only the independent assessor has access to the information you provide. All responses and results will be anonymized.

Please direct any questions you may have to reviews@icann.org.