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Public Comments: Draft Report of the SSAC Review Working Group

3 October 2009

The Board appointed JAS Communications as the consultants for the independent review of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee—SSAC. JAS released their draft Final Report in February 2009 for presentation and discussion with the community at the ICANN meeting in Mexico City.

Comments received at the presentation and during the following public consultation were addressed by consultants in the final version of their review report.

The SSAC review WG engaged then in an extensive round of consultation with the SSAC community—which released a structured document providing inputs to the work of the WG—and with the public at large, through a public consultation process.

Based on its analysis of the available evidence and on the numerous comments received, the SSAC review WG releases now its draft report [PDF, 208K] for presentation in Seoul and public comments. The report will be finalized for Board action after closure of the public consultation phase.