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Public Comment: Community Working Group Report on Implementation of GNSO New gTLD Recommendation Number 6

22 September 2010

The Cross Community Working Group (CWG) on GNSO Recommendation 6 has published its Report on Implementation of GNSO New gTLD Recommendation No. 6. The Report describes various recommendations that were supported by a consensus of CWG members to improve the implementation plan for Recommendation No. 6. This Report [PDF, 1.06 MB] (CWG Report) is now posted for public comment.

The public comment period ends on 22 October 2010.


ICANN is in the implementation planning stage of defining the processes for adding new generic top - level domain name to the Domain Name System. The policy recommendations to guide the introduction of new gTLDs were created by the GNSO over a two year effort. Among these GNSO policy recommendations is Recommendation 6, which states that:

Strings must not be contrary to generally accepted legal norms relating to morality and public order that are recognized under international principles of law.

A cross-community effort involving members of the GAC, GNSO, and the At Large Community has resulted in the publication of the CWG Report that addresses concerns that have surfaced from the ICANN Community regarding the proposed implementation of Rec6. This Report describes the results of this bottom-up process, and includes recommendations proposed by the CWG for improving the implementation plan proposed in the Draft Applicant Guidebook-v4 related to procedures for addressing objectionable strings, while protecting internationally recognized freedom of expression rights.

This public comment forum is an opportunity to comment on any of the proposed recommendations that are described the Report. The Report will be posted for a public comment period that closes on 22 October 2010. Comments can be sent to cwg-report-rec6@icann.org and reviewed at http://forum.icann.org/lists/cwg-report-rec6/.

Additional Information:

  1. To review the proposed implementation plan for Recommendation 6 in the Draft Applicant Guidebook, version 4, please refer to Module 3: http://www.icann.org/en/topics/new-gtlds/comments-4-en.htm
  2. For information on the GAC’s concerns regarding Recommendation 6, please refer to the letter dated 4 August 2010: http://www.icann.org/correspondence/gac-to-dengate-thrush-04aug10-en.pdf [PDF, 235 KB]
  3. The ALAC Statement on Morality and Public Order, 4 March 2009 is posted at: http://www.atlarge.icann.org/files/atlarge/correspondence-05mar09-en.pdf [PDF, 344 KB]

Staff responsible: Margie Milam