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Proposed Global Policy for Autonomous System Numbers - Final Call for Comments and Background Report

16 June 2008

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On 13 June 2008, the Chair of the Address Supporting Organization Address Council forwarded a Proposed Global Policy for Autonomous System Numbers, ASNs, for ratification by the ICANN Board. Essentially, the proposal defines timelines and allocation principles for a transition from 2-byte to 4-byte ASNs. For the full text of the proposal click here.

The development of Global Internet Number Resource Policies is the subject of an MoU between ASO/NRO and ICANN. There are also specific ICANN Board Procedures for handling global policy proposals in this context. In line with the procedures, a final call for public comments is now open until 7 July 2008.

Click here to view comments on the Proposed Global Policy for Autonomous System Numbers.

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The ASN global policy proposal has progressed through the bottom-up policy development processes of the Regional Internet Registries since spring 2007, as described in a series of "early awareness" reports posted on the ICANN website, see http://www.icann.org/announcements/proposal-asn-report-29nov07.htm. The table below describes the development steps within each RIR for the proposal. Hyperlinks are included for easy access. As of 30 January 2008, all RIRs had formally adopted the proposal. On 3 May 2008, the Executive Council of the Number Resource Organization sent the final version of the proposal to the ASO AC for procedural verification according to established procedures and subsequent forwarding to the ICANN Board for ratification. On 12 June, the ASO AC resolved to forward the proposal to the ICANN Board.

Proposal Introduced

20 Aug 2007


23 July 2007


28 Aug 2007 prop 2007-19

15 May 2007


1 May 2007 prop 2007-4
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Approval by RIR Adopted by the AfriNIC Board on 30 January 2008 Endorsed by APNIC Executive Council on 13 Dec 2007 Adopted by ARIN Board of Trustees on 11 Dec 2007 Ratified by LACNIC Board on 5 Dec 2007 Final adoption by consensus on 5 September 2007.
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