Proposed Consensus Policy on Protections for Certain Red Cross and Red Crescent Names in All Generic Top-Level Domains

21 November 2018

Open Date: 21 November 2018 Close Date: 14 December 2018
Originating Organization: GNSO
Categories/Tags: Policy Development; Contracted Party Agreements
Brief Overview: In accordance with the ICANN Bylaws, this public comment proceeding is intended to provide a reasonable opportunity for the public to comment on a proposed Consensus Policy concerning certain Red Cross and Red Crescent names in all generic top-level domains, prior to consideration by the ICANN Board. The GNSO Council approved the proposed Consensus Policy in September 2018 and recommends its adoption by the ICANN Board. Following the close of this public comment proceeding, which is being opened for a minimum 21-day period as required by the ICANN Bylaws for this purpose, the proposed Consensus Policy and all relevant input received will be forwarded to the ICANN Board for its consideration and action.
Link: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/red-cross-names-consensus-policy-2018-11-21-en