Proposed Changes and new Additions to the IANA SLAs for ccTLD Creation and ccTLD Transfers

14 October 2019

Open Date: 14 October 2019 Close Date: 25 November 2019
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IANA Naming Function Contract, ICANN/PTI Contract, PTI, IANA SLAs, ccTLD creation, ccTLD transfer, SLA Change Process

Brief Overview:

Purpose: As required by the IANA Naming Function Process for Amending the IANA Naming SLAs, the purpose of this public comment proceeding is to obtain community input on a proposed change to one SLA and three proposed new SLAs which would define expectations of request processing timeliness for ccTLD creation and ccTLD transfers. If adopted, the changed SLA and new requirements will be added to the performance metrics as defined in the Service Level Agreements for the IANA Naming Functions Contract. The ccTLD delegation and transfer process is designed to assign or re-assign a ccTLD to a manager, taking into account a number of technical and public interest criteria. There is currently a single measurement of staff processing time for ccTLD delegation and transfer requests, representing the cumulative time the request is being processed by the IANA team for the life of a request. However, the processing time for this type of request varies greatly from several weeks to several months. The CSC and PTI determined that perhaps identifying new SLAs that measure these transactions in a totally different manner is necessary.

Current Status: According to the Process for Amending the IANA Naming SLAs, the Customer Standing Committee and PTI have agreed upon the new metrics, and now seek community consultation through this public comment process.

Next Steps: Feedback from this public comment period will be considered for the final SLA recommendation.

Link: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/proposed-sla-for-cctld-creation-transfer-2019-10-14-en