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Proposed Amendment 5 to the .name Registry Agreement

10 September 2021

Today, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has opened a Public Comment proceeding on the proposed Amendment 5 to the .name Registry Agreement.

Open for Submissions Date

Friday, 10 September 2021

Closed for Submissions Date

Wednesday, 20 October 2021





What We Need Your Input On

This Public Comment proceeding seeks input on the proposed Amendment 5 to the .name Registry Agreement. The proposed Amendment 5 is the result of bilateral discussions between ICANN org and Verisign, Inc., the registry operator for the .name top-level domain (TLD).


ICANN org and Verisign entered into the current .name Registry Agreement for the operation of the .name TLD on 1 December 2012 with a term of six years to 15 August 2018. The proposed Amendment 5 to the .name Registry Agreement satisfies the parties' agreement to negotiate certain terms described in Amendment 3 to the .name Registry Agreement, dated 5 August 2020.

Next Steps

Following a review of the Public Comment submissions, ICANN org will prepare a summary report and analysis that will be published on the corresponding proceeding webpage. Input provided will be taken into consideration in ICANN org's decision regarding the proposed Amendment 5 to the .name Registry Agreement.

Link to Public Comment Proceeding



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