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Join the Webinar on the Draft Report of the Review of the At-Large Community

10 February 2017

Join ICANN and independent examiner ITEMS International (ITEMS) for a webinar on the Draft Report [PDF, 2.31 MB] of the Review of the At-Large Community on 27 February 2017 at 13:00 UTC. The webinar will include an overview of findings and recommendations presented by ITEMS followed by an open Q&A session. It is one of several opportunities to ask questions about how ITEMS reached their draft conclusions, express support or raise concerns.

The Report is based on over 100 face-to-face interviews, the analysis of 242 online survey responses, and the review of relevant documents, conducted by ITEMS since May 2016. In addition, ITEMS has attended ICANN56 and ICANN57, interacting with the community and observing At-Large meetings, discussions, and procedures.

Please email: mssi-secretariat@icann.org to obtain a calendar invite with dial-in details.

ICANN Reviews are crucial tools that assess the health of ICANN, its Supporting Organizations (SO’s) and Advisory Committees (AC’S); How well they operate, how effective they are in achieving their purpose, and how they are held accountable to the stakeholder community. Reviews are mandated by ICANN Bylaws and conducted by community members and independent examiners. They are crucial to the legitimacy of ICANN and require significant community input and participation.

View the At-Large Draft Report here [PDF, 2.31 MB] and provide your public comment via the Public Comment Feedback Form [PDF, 1.5 MB]. The Public comment periods closes on 24 March 2017. For other opportunities to share your feedback and ask questions, please visit the At-Large wiki.