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ICANN Publishes FY18 Operating Plan and Budget Proposed for ICANN Board Adoption

13 June 2017

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After reviewing the public comments, ICANN published the proposed ICANN FY18 Operating Plan and Budget, and update to the Five-Year Operating Plan. The documents were posted to the Public Comment page on 13 June 2017. After reviewing the public comments, the ICANN organization and the Board Finance Committee approved the Staff Report of Public Comments, which was posted on the Public Comment page on 2 June 2017. As indicated in the Staff Report, several changes were approved for incorporation into the proposed documents. The revised documents were posted online, with a summary of changes, to ensure public visibility of the final documents. These documents will be presented to the ICANN Board of Directors for adoption at a board meeting in Johannesburg on 24 June 2017. The documents can be found on the Public Comment page under the "Additional Information" section or on the icann.org planning page.