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ICANN 2006 Nominating Committee Chair Eugenio Triana Resigns

31 May 2006

ICANN announced today the resignation of the Chair of the ICANN 2006 Nominating Committee, Eugenio Triana. Mr. Triana's resignation was prompted by outside work obligations. Mr. Triana was thanked for his service by ICANN President Paul Twomey, and ICANN Board Chairman Vint Cerf. Chairman Cerf called upon George Sadowsky, the Chair of the 2005 Nominating Committee and now an advisor to the 2006 Nominating Committee to step into the role of Interim Chair.


>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Paul Twomey
>>> Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 7:44 PM
>>> To: Eugenio Triana
>>> Cc: ICANN Board of Directors; George Sadowsky
>>> Dear Eugenio
>>> Let me add my thanks to those of Vint and others.
>>> Thank you for your message. I have REALLY appreciated your efforts
>>> in orienting the Nom Com this year. I appreciate the personal
>>> demands from
>>> the many aspects of your life and please accept my thanks for your
>>> contribution to ICANN.
>>> Of course we shall keeep in close contact.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Paul
>>> On 31/05/2006, at 6:17 AM, Vint Cerf wrote:
>>>> Dear Eugenio,
>>>> I know that this decision did not come easily to you. You have
>>>> dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort to carry forward the
>>>> vital work of the ICANN Nominations Committee. I know you to be a
>>>> person of the highest integrity. If professional responsibilities now
>>>> overtake your ability to conduct the work of the Nominations Committee
>>>> at the high level of standards you are committed to achieve, then I
>>>> know you have taken this decision with reluctance but with the clear
>>>> view that the work of the committee must be carried out with a level
>>>> of time and effort that you are now unprepared to continue. I respect
>>>> deeply your candor in reaching this conclusion and I accept your
>>>> resignation in the best interest of ICANN and its work and I thank you
>>>> for all that you have done for ICANN both as a director and most
>>>> recently as chair of the Nominations Committee. I trust that the many
>>>> people you have already identified and recruited as potential board
>>>> members will be made known to your colleagues, if they have not
>>>> already been so and that you will continue to relay to the committee
>>>> through George Sadowsky, additional candidates you may encounter in
>>>> your professional work. The community owes you greatly for the effort
>>>> you have put into this work and on its behalf I acknowledge this and
>>>> express the appreciation of the Board for your dedication.
>>>> Until the Board can give consideration to a replacement in the
>>>> chairmanship, I call upon George Sadowsky, the previous chair and now
>>>> advisor to step into the role of interim chair.
>>>> With kindest regards and best wishes as you tackle new professional
>>>> work in the months and years ahead,
>>>> I remain, respectfully,
>>>> Vinton G Cerf
>>>> Chairman of the Board of ICANN
>>>> and
>>>> Chief Internet Evangelist
>>>> Google
>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>> From: Eugenio Triana
>>>> Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 3:48 PM
>>>> To: Vint Cerf
>>>> To the attention of Vint Cerf
>>>> Chairman of the ICANN Board
>>>> Dear Vint,
>>>> Please, attached you find the message I just sent to the members of
>>>> the ICANN Nominating Committee 2006, to communicate my resignation as
>>>> Chairman of the Nominating Committee 2006.The reasons to adopt this
>>>> extraordinary decision are described below, mainly related to sudden
>>>> and additional new work obligations which are crucial for my
>>>> professional life.
>>>> My first thought is to thank again to you, and to the ICANN Board, for
>>>> the big honour putting on me when the nomination as Chairman of the
>>>> NomCom 2006 last December. It has been a period of very hard work and
>>>> collaboration, having always the support of the ICANN Board and the
>>>> ICANN staff to fill the mission.
>>>> As Member of the Founding Board of ICANN I feel very much part of the
>>>> ICANN family any time any place, so always ready to cooperate in the
>>>> future.
>>>> Please, Vint,you receive my friendship and gratitude for ever.
>>>> My Best Regards to you and to the entire ICANN Board
>>>> Eugenio Triana
>>>> -----Mensaje original-----
>>>> De: Eugenio Triana
>>>> Enviado el: martes, 30 de mayo de 2006 21:27
>>>> Para: Nominating Committee 2006
>>>> To the Members of the ICANN Nominating Committee 2006
>>>> Dear Friends,
>>>> This message means big news. Due to a sudden and additional burden of
>>>> new work, which is critical for my present and future professional
>>>> life, I am compelled to resign as Chairman of the ICANN Nominating
>>>> Committee 2006.The obligations related to this workload affect even to
>>>> my ability to attend the basic activities of the NomCom for the coming
>>>> months,such as participating in the ICANN or NomCom meetings.
>>>> I lamment so much to step down as Chairman of the NomCom, after more
>>>> than five months of intense activity, first to create the Committee to
>>>> build up the basic consensus, the rules,documents and procedures
>>>> allowing us to launch the Formal Call to recruit the best candidates
>>>> for ICANN leading positions. As was mentioned during a message to the
>>>> members just before Wellington, I felt always supported by the
>>>> Committee, to thank to all of you for this warm collaboration and
>>>> understanding.
>>>> My full respect for the responsabilities and dedication associated
>>>> with the role of the Chairmanship is sufficient reason to prevent any
>>>> false situation when one realizes it is imposssible to make compatible
>>>> both jobs, the Chair and the profes sional committments. It has been a
>>>> rather difficult decision, since the last weeks, just after April 18,I
>>>> have lived with passion the efforts to collect good candidates,
>>>> through hundreds and hundreds of emails, phone calls, etc,to verify
>>>> with gusto the positive reactions of many outstanding persons ready to
>>>> submit their candidatures to ICANN, hoping this trend be confirmed
>>>> along the next times, to transmit a sort of a modest legacy from the
>>>> outgoing Chair. To confirm the prestige of ICANN,as well as the
>>>> interest to serve it in some manner,has been a particular satisfaction
>>>> for a person who was in the Founding Board of ICANN in 1998. Same when
>>>> informed by some members about new potential for ICANN candidates in
>>>> Africa or China.
>>>> It is obvious to assert the ongoing actions of the NomCom are not
>>>> affected at all by this decision, namely considering George was
>>>> sharing the management of the Nom Com,on the other hand the ICANN
>>>> Board going to nominate a new Chair quite swiftly.
>>>> As a private citizen, I have very much in mind the special challenges
>>>> for ICANN in 2006 to recruit the best possible names, so available to
>>>> give a hand to the NomCom, if appropiate.As you can imagine,some
>>>> nostalgia is not avoidable at this moment: the only thing to retain is
>>>> the friendship, the honour to be part of this Committee, to wish to
>>>> all of you the major success in the nomination of the candidates and a
>>>> major personal happiness.
>>>> To finish with the traditional reference to a Richard Ford's text,
>>>> (this time for John F. Kennedy, his inauguration):
>>>> "A golden age of poetry and power, of which this noonday's the
>>>> beginning hour"
>>>> The beginning hour of an eternal friendship.
>>>> Many thanks and Best Regards,
>>>> Eugenio Triana
>>>> Former,Chairman of the NomCom 2006