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Extension of Public Comment Period on New gTLD Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook and Economic Study Phase II Report

17 December 2010

Taking into account public comment and decisions made during ICANN’s Cartagena meeting, the public comment period for the Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook and supporting documentation have been extended to 15 January 2011 (1200 UTC).

Below are the links to comment fora for the Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook:

English - http://www.icann.org/en/topics/new-gtlds/comments-5-en.htm

العربية - http://www.icann.org/ar/topics/new-gtlds/comments-5-ar.htm

中文 (简体) - http://www.icann.org/zh/topics/new-gtlds/comments-5-zh.htm

Français - http://www.icann.org/fr/topics/new-gtlds/comments-5-fr.htm

Русский - http://www.icann.org/ru/topics/new-gtlds/comments-5-ru.htm

Español - http://www.icann.org/es/topics/new-gtlds/comments-5-es.htm

Additionally, the Economic Study Phase II Report is extended to 15 January 2011: http://www.icann.org/en/topics/new-gtlds/comments-5-en.htm

How to Participate

The Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook is available here in its entirety, as well as in its six individual modules. You can either comment on the overall guidebook or comment per module, by area of interest. A red-lined, annotated version of the documents is provided to show what changes were made in progressing from Draft Applicant Guidebook, Version 4 to the Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook.

As the materials become available in additional languages there will be an opportunity to comment.

You may also view the Summaries & Analyses from recently closed public fora.