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Apply Now For GNSO Council Non Commercial Seats

5 August 2009

Representation of the Non Commercial Community on the GNSO Council will double from three to six representatives this October when a new Council is seated in Seoul, South Korea. New transitional ICANN Board appointments will fill three of the new Council seats. This month the ICANN Board is accepting Statements of Interest from members of the non commercial community who would like to volunteer for these three new positions and potentially serve as full GNSO Councilors for the next two years.

As outlined in the attached flyer [PDF, 226K | DOC, 148K] this is a unique opportunity for leaders in the non commercial community to step forward and serve the ICANN community at a pivotal moment in the Internet's development.

Background and Explanation:

At its 30 July meeting the ICANN Board approved a transitional charter for a new Non Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG) (see - http://gnso.icann.org/en/improvements/ncsg-proposed-charter-30jul09-en.pdf). The charter sets out a transitional approach (Section 8 - Appendix) for selecting the NCSG's GNSO Council representatives. Under this transitional approach, the current Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) will elect 3 Council seats (in total). The remaining 3 seats will be temporary Board appointments with the expectation that additional non-commercial Constituencies will be formed/approved and participate in filling future NCSG Council seats. The transition period will be two years.

Of the four new Stakeholder Group Charters approved by the Board last week, this temporary seat selection by the Board is unique to the NCSG. It reflects a fundamental view that the current non-commercial community participation in the GNSO is not yet sufficiently diverse or robust to select all six of the NCSG's allocated Council seats (as was originally intended by the Board's GNSO Improvements initiative). It is important to note that this condition is temporary. The Board expects that the new Board-appointees will work hard in the coming months with the ICANN Staff and the community to forge new relationships and structures that will achieve the Board's goal of a robust and diverse non-commercial community within the GNSO framework.

At the direction of the Board's Structural Improvements Committee (SIC), the ICANN Staff has prepared a formal GNSO Council NCSG Position Notification Form(*) [PDF, 60K | DOC, 71K] and a formal Statement of Interest Form application [PDF, 30K | DOC, 54K] for interested persons to review. The GNSO Council NCSG Position Notification Form explains the duties of the new positions. The Statement of Interest Form asks interested persons for some personal information and gives volunteers the opportunity to explain their interest in the positions and their qualifications for the Council member duties. The Board and ICANN Staff will keep all submissions in strict confidence and no personal contact information will be shared.

The Process From Here:

The Board hopes that a number of candidates will express their interest in volunteering for these new positions over the course of this month.

The Structural Improvements Committee of the Board will evaluate all statements of interest and will make recommendations for finalists to the full Board for consideration at the Board's scheduled 30 September special meeting. Selected candidates will be notified as soon as possible to give them an opportunity to travel to and participate in the first meeting of the restructured GNSO Council in Seoul, South Korea on 28 October 2009.

Deadline and How to Submit Statements of Interest:

Statements of Interest will be accepted through Noon PDT on Monday 31 August 2009 at the email address - ncsg-seats@icann.org

The promotional flyer announcing this opportunity can be found here: [PDF, 226K | DOC, 148K]

The formal Statement of Interest Form can be found here: [PDF, 30K | DOC, 54K]

The formal Position Notification Form(*) can be found here: [PDF, 60K | DOC, 71K]

Staff Responsible: Robert Hoggarth (please send specific questions or queries to policy-staff@icann.org)

(*) Edited on 20 August 2009 - see description at end of document.