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Accountability & Transparency Review Team 2 (ATRT 2): Call for Volunteer ATRT Members: Representing ICANN Advisory Committees and Supporting Organizations; and Serving as Independent Experts

5 October 2012

Deadline: 5 December 2012

As prescribed by the Affirmation of Commitments (AoC), ICANN is to organize a review of its accountability and transparency commitments no less frequently than every three years. For full information, please refer to section 9.1 of the AoC.

The AoC stipulates that: The review will be performed by volunteer community members […], and will include the following (or their designated nominees): the Chair of the GAC, the Chair of the Board of ICANN, the Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information of the DOC, representatives of the relevant ICANN Advisory Committees and Supporting Organizations and independent experts.

The first ATRT was launched in early 2010, delivered its final report on 31 December 2010, and ICANN's Board approved implementation of the report's recommendations on 24 June 2011. For further information, refer to: http://www.icann.org/en/about/aoc-review/atrt

In accordance with the AoC timeframe, ICANN now invites interested individuals to apply for a position of Volunteer Review Team Member, in representation of a Supporting Organization or Advisory Committee, and/or for a position of Independent Expert on the second Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT 2). Please read the Call for Applicants to find details on the application procedure, mission, timeline, mandate, desired skillset etc.

Composition of the Review Team will be determined jointly by the Chair of the GAC and the Chair of the ICANN Board.

Should you wish to participate in this key process, please email your application to rtcandidatures@icann.org by Wednesday, 5 December – 23:59 UTC.