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2011 Workshop on DNS Health & Security to be Held in Rome, Italy

6 July 2011

GCSEC, in cooperation with ICANN and DNS-OARC, announces the 2011 Workshop on DNS Health and Security (DNS-EASY 2011) will be held in Rome, Italy, 18-19 October 2011.

The DNS-EASY workshop will gather researchers and professionals from academia, industry and governmental agencies. Representatives from major DNS ecosystem stakeholder groups - technical development, network operators, enterprise users, and security experts – will participate as well, to discuss the health and security of the Domain Name System and how the current state of the DNS affects modern society.

The DNS EASY 2011 Workshop will convene in conjunction with the 3rd Global Annual Symposium on DNS Security, Stability and Resiliency and the first Workshop on DNS Health and Security. The timing of the workshop should permit those from the community planning to attend the ICANN meeting in Dakar, Senegal to transit through Rome prior to departing for Dakar later in the week.

Following the tradition of the 2009 and 2010 edition of the Global Annual Symposium on DNS-SSR, the workshop is organized in two parts. The first, for open attendance, showcases accepted, refereed papers and invited guest speakers. The second, the Global Annual Symposium on DNS-SSR is an invitation-only event. Invited participants from across the DNS ecosystem will discuss operational and policy open issues and challenges related to the DNS health and security. Members of the community who are interested in participating should visit the website for acceptance criteria and related invitation information.

Research topics and paper submission instructions can be found here: http://www.gcsec.org/workshop/dnseasy2011/call-for-paper

For more information and registration visit the workshop web site http://dnseasy.gcsec.org/ or contact directly: dns-easy2011@gcsec.org

Information on the two previous Global DNS SSR Symposiums held at Georgia Tech University in 2009 and Kyoto University in 2010 can be found at http://www.icann.org/en/topics/ssr/dns-ssr-symposium-report-1-3feb10-en.pdf [PDF, 6.08 MB] and http://www.gtisc.gatech.edu/pdf/DNS_SSR_Symposium_Summary_Report.pdf [PDF, 502 KB].