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Name: Matthias Pfeifer
Date:6 Jun 2023
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the term DNS Abuse is still misleading and could led in another decade of discussing about "what is that we try to mitigate?".

In case of phising, for example, the DNS is not abused - it is just USED. In most so called security cases the DNS is agnostic about what a (dns) resolution is for.

Well, we have seen for years now, some few TLDs with a high amount of phising domains or for distributing malware. They are not the geoTLDs and not the brands.

To save the public interest, ICANN needs to make sure that a gTLD takes care of its namespace - to protect other user.

Best, Matthias Pfeifer

Summary of Submission

ICANN is not doing enough to protect the PI. gTLDs SHOULD be forced to take serious actions on abused domain names in theyr zones.