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8 أغسطس 2007
بقلم Veni MarkovskiVeni Markovski

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In a little over a month (September 10-12), IT professionals from around the world will meet at the Vatutinki residence near Moscow, Russia.

Among them will be, from ICANN, Theresa Swinehart, Tina Dam and Veni Markovski, as well as Fred Baker and Patrik Faltstrom (CISCO/IETF), Jaap Akkerhuis (DNSsec/NLnet Labs), Timothy Lowe (RIPE), and Lynn St. Amour – President and CEO of the Internet Society.

Topics on the agenda include (but are not limited to): IPv6, ENUM, DNSsec, Internationalized Domain Names, presentation and discussion about ISOC and ICANN.

A session will be dedicated to “Internet governance: status and way ahead” (chaired by V.M. Vasilyev of the Russian Ministry of information technologies and communications); another will discuss “International and national projects and programs on support of Internet development” (chaired by Markus Kummer from the IGF Advisory Group Secretariat, and with participation of George Sadowsky, adviser to the IGF AG, and chairman of the ICANN Nomination Committee).

See the full agenda (in English) at the website of the local organizers – the Russian Association of Networks and Services (RANS).

Last year,the conference brought together Dr. Paul Twomey, President/CEO of ICANN and Houlin Zhao, currently deputy-secretary of the ITU. You can see pictures from their session here.


Veni Markovski

Veni Markovski

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