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Monthly Registry Reports

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For contractual reasons, registry Report monthly reports are withheld until three months after the end of the month to which the report relates.

Commencing with the January 2009 reports, the Report monthly report is posted as a PDF and the registrar trans-csv report as a CSV, XLS or PDF as provided by the Registry.


  1. On 5 May 2010, VeriSign informed ICANN there was an issue in the numbers for some of the sections in the monthly reports for October 2008 through December 2009 for .name and requested ICANN publish restated versions of the reports. Sections affected by the issue were: Section 2, Service Level Agreement Performance, specifically Check Domain Average and Add Domain Average numbers; Section 6, Total Number of Transactions by Subcategory by Month; and Section 7, Daily Transaction Range. At no time did any of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance metrics exceed their SLA requirements. In addition, the per registrar activity reports were not impacted so there are no financial implications as a result of these revisions.
  2. On 20 August 2010, Employ Media informed ICANN about issues in seven of the .jobs per registrar activity reports provided to ICANN during the period April 2009 and May 2010. The issues were in the following three areas: incorrect IANA ID number, Employ Media listed as a registrar, and the transposition of figures reported for the domains-deleted-grace and domains-deleted-nograce columns. Any financial implications (e.g., fees paid by registrars to ICANN) that might have resulted from the issues have been rectified by Employ Media.
  3. On 24 December 2012, ICANN was notified by the registry operator about an error in the June, July, August and September 2012 .pro reports. All four reports incorrectly showed registrar Meshdigital with id 1626, when it should have been 1390.
  4. On 28 January 2013, the registry operator of .post provided updated reports for August and September 2012.
  5. On 7 October 2013, the registry operator of .com, and .net provided updated reports for June 2013.

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