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Policy for IPv6 — Background Report


The development of Global Internet Number Resource Policies is the subject of an MoU between ASO/NRO and ICANN. There are also specific ICANN Board Procedures, adopted by the Board on 15 July 2005 at the ICANN meeting in Luxemburg, for handling global policy proposals in this context.

The abovementioned Board procedures also state that the Board can request ICANN staff to undertake an "early awareness" tracking of proposals for global policies under development in the addressing community. At its meeting on 16 August 2005, the Board resolved to request such tracking of the development of a global policy proposal for allocation of IPv6 address space, already well advanced in the Regional Internet Registries, or RIRs. The status overview presented below is compiled in response to this request and will be timely updated as developments proceed, for information to ICANN entities and the wider community.

Status Overview

The table below indicates the current status within each RIR for the foreseen Global Policy for IPv6. Hyperlinks are included for easy access.

There were originally two version of the proposal of Allocation of IPv6 Address Space by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Policy to Regional Internet Registries

  • "First version" presented at APNIC 18 (issued in Sept 2004)

  • "Second version" elaborated after further discussion (issued in February 2005).

Since mid October 2005, all RIRs have been treating the "second version", which has advanced through the RIRs' respective adoption processes as indicated in the table below. As of 16 May 2005, all RIRs have formally adopted this version of the proposal.

The proposal will subsequently be handled by the NRO EC and the ASO AC according to their procedures before being sent to the ICANN Board.







Topic Introduced

1 Aug 2005

1 Sept 2004

(orig. 22 July 2003)

20 Sept 2004

2 Sept 2004

4 August 2004

Discussion list

Policy WG Mailing List (subscription)


Public Policy Mailing List

Politicas — LACNIC Policy Mailing List

Address Policy WG

Public Forum

AfriNIC 3, 12-14 December 2005

- Agenda

- Slides (Second version)

APNIC 18, 31 Aug — 3 Sept 2004

- Slides

(First version)


6 — 9 Sept. 2005

- Slides

(Second version)


19-22 Oct 2004

- Slides

(First version)

ARIN XV 17-21 April 2005


(Second version)

LACNIC VII 26-28 Oct 2004

- Slides

(First version)

LACNIC VIII 27-30 June 2005

- Slides

(Second version)

RIPE 49 20-24 Sept 2004

- Slides (First version)

RIPE 50 1-6 May 2005


(Second version)

RIPE 51 10-14 Oct 2005

-Agenda and slides

(Second version)

Final Call for Comments

9 — 24 Feb 2006

17 Sept — 12 Nov 2004 (first version)

21 Sept — 16 Nov 2005

(second version)

16 May — 1 June 2005

10 Aug — 24 Sept 2005

28 Feb — 27 March 2006

Next Public Forum (N/A - this stage is passed for all)


RIR Board Endorsement

Adopted by the Board on 15 May 2006

Endorsed by Executive Committee 19 Nov 2004 (first version) 25 Nov 2005 (second version)

Board of Trustees 16 June 2005

LACNIC Board ratification on 17 October 2005.

Final adoption by consensus on 19 April 2006.

Link to document

AfriNIC proposed policy


Policy proposal 2004-8

- In English

- In Spanish

- In Portuguese

Policy document RIPE 376

Link to Policy Development Process

Policy Development Process

Policy Development

Internet Resource Policy Evaluation


Policy Development Process

Policy Development Process


"Second version" adopted.

"Second version" adopted.

"Second version" adopted.

"Second version" adopted.

"Second version" adopted.

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