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This area hosts reference material and other helps for various types of ICANN participants, such as country code managers, registrars, and registries. But even a non-technical Internet user can find items of interest, such as the Registrant Rights Agreement on the Registrars page. Feel free to explore!

Some of the resources this page links to include the following:

ccTLDs. References useful to country code managers and operators, including: letters of agreement between each ccTLD and ICANN; documents related to ccTLDs from entities such as ICANN Board, Staff, IANA, and the GAC; the full text of ICP-1; and more. Country code managers can find additional resources on the ccNSO website.

Compliance. Every ICANN-accredited registrar and registry has a contract with ICANN. Here’s where you can learn about all facets of ICANN’s Contractual Compliance Program, which helps both ICANN and the contracted parties each fulfill their end of the agreement.

Registrars. Information found here related to Registrars ranges widely, including a list of all accredited registrars, how to become a registrar, the registrar data escrow program, how dispute resolution works, and updates on domain-related policies.

Registries. Registry personnel can find a variety of helps here, such as: agreements, consensus policies, key ICANN contacts for registries, a list of valid top-level domains, a list of all accredited registries, and much more.

Internationalized Domain Names. You’ll find the lengthy, detailed history of IDNs here, along with technical implementation guidelines, publications and presentations about IDNs, an IDN glossary, ICANN blog entries about IDN updates, and more.

Policy. Links here present background, updates, and announcements about important areas of Internet policy currently being addressed by the ICANN community’s bottom-up, consensus based, policy development process.

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