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ICANN Newsletter | Week ending 27 February 2009

27 February 2009

News from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Announcements This Week

Public Comment: Proposed Registrar Disqualification Procedure

27 February 2009 | ICANN has developed a draft, proposed Registrar Disqualification Procedure (available at: [PDF, 124 KB]) to codify its procedures for registrar disqualification. This proposed procedure is intended to enhance protection of registrants by preventing potential bad actors from causing repeated harm to registrants and other stakeholders in the domain name space.

Improving Institutional Confidence Plan Published

27 February 2009 | The results of a lengthy community consultation to improve institutional confidence in ICANN have been published for discussion at the Mexico City meeting.

ICANN Publishes 2009 Semi-Annual Contractual Compliance Report

27 February 2009 | ICANN's Contractual Compliance Department published its third Semi-Annual Contractual Compliance Report.

New gTLDs: Call for Applicant Evaluation Panel Expressions of Interest

25 February 2009 | ICANN is soliciting Expressions of Interest from firms interested in and capable of performing any number of independent evaluation roles as part of the new gTLD process.

RSSAC Review: Independent Consultants' Report and Public Comment Period

24 February 2009 | Westlake Consulting just released their draft Final Report for public presentation and discussion with the community, including at the Mexico City meeting.

Mexico Meeting Goes Mobile

23 February 2009 | The Mexico City meeting is now accessible on your phone.

Upcoming Events

1 - 6 March 2009: 34rd International Public ICANN Meeting - Mexico City, Mexico

19 March 2009: CENTR General Assembly - Barcelona, Spain

13 - 17 April 2009: AfTLD Meeting - Arusha, Tanzania


ICANN Bylaws

Our bylaws are very important to us. They capture our mission of security, stability and accessibility, and compel the organization to be open and transparent. Learn more at

Strategic Plan, July 2007 - June 2010

Adopted FY09 Operating Plan and Budget [PDF, 489 KB]

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