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ICANN Newsletter | Week ending 24 October 2008

24 October 2008

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Announcements This Week

Public Comment: CRAI Report on gTLD Registries and Registrars

24 October 2008 | ICANN requested CRAI to perform economic research pursuant to two resolutions of the ICANN Board of Directors: 1) the 18 October 2006 resolution of ICANN's Board of Directors seeking more information relating to the registry and registrar marketplace; and, 2) the 26 June 2008 resolution of ICANN's Board, directing the development and completion of a detailed implementation plan for the new gTLD Policy.

Public Comment: IDN ccTLD Fast Track Draft Implementation Plan

23 October 2008 | ICANN is pleased to make the Draft Implementation Plan for the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process available for public discussions.

How to Apply for a New Generic Top-Level Domain: Draft Applicant Guidebook Now Available for Comment

23 October 2008 | A draft 'Applicant Guidebook' for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) is now available for review and comment.

ALAC Review WG Posts Mid-Point Consultation Report

23 October 2008 | The ALAC Review Working Group (WG) has released its Mid-point Consultation Report for discussion with the ICANN community.

Draft Strategic Plan Priorities Posted for Comment

20 October 2008 | As part of its annual planning cycle, ICANN is seeking comments on a draft of the priorities for the strategic plan.

Explanatory Memoranda Papers for New GTLDs Applicant Guidebook

21 October 2008 | In the lead up to ICANN's Cairo public meeting, the new generic top-level domain (gTLD) Applicant Guidebook, also called the "draft Request for Proposal (RFP)", will be released for public comment.

Bulk Transfer of Esoftwiz Domains to

21 October 2008 | As a result of the de-accreditation of registrar Esoftwiz Inc., ICANN initiated a process to identify a gaining registrar to receive Esoftwiz's gTLD names.

Public Comment: AGP Limits Policy

20 October 2008 | ICANN opened a public comment period on the draft implementation plan for the AGP Limits Policy.

Upcoming Events

2 - 7 November 2008: 33rd International Public ICANN Meeting - Cairo, Egypt


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