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ICANN Newsletter | Week ending 16 March 2007

16 March 2007

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Announcements This Week

Termination of Registrar Accreditation Agreement

16 March 2007 | ICANN on Friday issued a formal notice of termination of's Registration Accreditation Agreement (RAA) ...

Final Task Force Report On Whois Services

16 March 2007 | The Whois Task Force has submitted its Final Task Force Report on Whois Services to the GNSO Council ...

ICANN Public Participation Site Launched

15 March 2007 | ICANN on Thursday launched a public participation website for its upcoming meeting in Lisbon on 26-30 March 2007 ...

President's Strategy Committee Next Meeting: 19 March 2007, 1 p.m. UTC

14 March 2007 | The President's Strategy Committee will hold its public session on Monday 19 March 2007 between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. (UTC) ...

Recent Submissions by Proposed ICM Registry in Support of Sponsorship Criteria Adopted by the Board

13 March 2007

ICANN in the News

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ICANN Terminates RegisterFly With Extreme Prejudice (The Register)

17 March 2007 | ICANN yesterday gave notice to terminate's right to handle domain transfers ...

How Secure Is Your Domain? (BusinessWeek)

16 March 2007 | Problems at shed light on loose oversight of Net addresses ...

ICANN: Anycast And Communication Foiled February's Root Server Attack (InformationWeek)

16 March 2007 | ICANN's evaluation analyzes what happened during the attack on the root servers, which ones were hit the hardest, and what kept them running ...

ICANN Featured Individual: Tina Dam, IDN Program Director

Tina joined ICANN in 2003 as Chief gTLD Registry Liaison, where she was responsible for developing ICANN's gTLD Registry functions including defining and managing processes in accordance with consensus policies and ICANN agreements for servicing the gTLD registries.

In January 2006 Tina was appointed Director for ICANN's IDN Program. In this capacity she develops and manages all IDN related projects at ICANN focused at the deployment of internationalized top level domains.

Prior to ICANN she worked with several companies in the DNS community, including ICANN-accredited registrar Ascio Technologies (formerly known as SpeedNames) where she oversaw the launches of the .biz, .info, and .name top-level domains, and managed the development of all related internal and external products and product marketing materials. Prior to Ascio, Tina was Systems Architecture Engineer at Navision Software a/s, establishing the architecture design of the company's next generation of products.

Tina holds a Master of Science in Mathematics and Physics from the Aalborg University in Denmark and a BBA in Marketing Management and International Trade from Copenhagen Business School.

Upcoming Events

18 – 23 March 2007 — 68th IETF, Prague, Czech Republic

26 – 30 March 2007 — ICANN Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal


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