Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Zuccarini v. Network Solutions, LLC, et al

This page collects filed documents from this lawsuit as related to ICANN. This page does not reflect the entire docket of the litigation. The documents are arranged by filing date in descending order.

Zuccarini v. Network Solutions, LLC, et al
(lawsuit in United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida)

Order Granting ICANN's Motion to Dismiss [PDF, 359 KB] 9 December 2011
Order Granting Network Solution and NameJet's Motions to Dismiss [PDF, 218 KB] 8 December 2011
ICANN's Motion for Summary Judgment [PDF, 92 KB] 5 December 2011
Zuccarini's Motion for Summary Judgment as to all Defendants [PDF, 1.3 MB] 5 December 2011
Zuccarini's Notice of Unresolved Discovery Motions [PDF, 130 KB] 18 November 2011
ICANN's Notice if Unresolved Discovery Motions [PDF, 33 KB] 17 November 2011
Zuccarini's Motion to Amend Response to ICANN's Opposition to Plaintiff's Motion to Compel [PDF, 105 KB] 08 November 2011
Zuccarini's Reply In Support of Motion to Compel ICANN Discovery [PDF, 803 KB] 03 November 2011
ICANN's Opposition to Motion to Compel (w/o Exhibits) [PDF, 1.5 MB] 28 October 2011
Plaintiff's Motion to Compel Further Discovery Responses [PDF, 1.2 MB] 13 October 2011
Zuccarini's Response to ICANN's Motion to Stay Discovery [PDF, 111 KB] 19 September 2011

ICANN Motion to Stay Discovery [PDF, 41 KB]

14 September 2011
NameJet and Network Solutions Motion for Protective Order and For Temporary Stay of Discovery [PDF, 128 KB] 13 September 2011
Zuccarini's Response to Network Solutions, LLC and NameJet, LLC's Motion for Sanctions [PDF, 1.3 MB] 27 May 2011
Network Solutions, LLC and NameJet, LLC's Memorandum in Opposition to Plaintiff's Motion for Sanctions [PDF, 107 KB] 27 May 2011
Order Scheduling Trial Date, Pretrial and Mediation [PDF, 296 KB] 23 May 2011
Zuccarini's Motion for Sanctions Against Network Solutions and NameJet [PDF, 141 KB] 20 May 2011
Network Solutions, LLC and NameJet, LLC's Motion for Sanctions [PDF, 1.4 MB] 17 May 2011
Joint Scheduling Report [PDF, 123 KB] 18 April 2011
Joint Motion for Extension of Time to Serve Initial Disclosures [PDF, 28 KB] 18 April 2011
ICANN's Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss [PDF, 49 KB] 18 April 2011
Plaintiff's Response to ICANN's Motion to Dismiss [PDF, 1.3 MB] 11 April 2011
ICANN's Motion to Dismiss [PDF, 381 KB] 22 March 2011
Zuccarini's Amended Complaint [PDF, 827 KB] 15 February 2011
Zuccarini's Complaint for Negligence [PDF, 1.1 MB] 11 February 2011

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