Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

ICANN Posts Materials for Yokohama Meeting

14 June 2000

ICANN has posted materials for public comment in connection with the July 13-17 meeting in Yokohama, Japan. These materials can be accessed through <>.

Topics covered in the posting include:

1. New Top Level Domains

  • Background
  • Suggested Principles for the Introduction of New TLDs
  • Suggested Schedule for the Introduction of New TLDs
  • Suggested Data Elements to be Sought from Organizations Applying to Sponsor or Operate New TLDs
  • Call for Statements of Interest in Proposing a New TLD

2. At Large Membership and Elections

3. Country Code Top Level Domain Registry (ccTLD) Delegation and Administration Policies (No posting at this date)

4. Definition of Geographic Regions

5. Revision to ICANN Bylaws on Meeting Minutes

In addition, the ICANN Election Committee has posted a Call for Proposals for an Online Voting System and a Basic Technical and Functional Specification. These postings can be accessed at <>.


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