Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


25 June 2007

In further improvements to transparency and accountability, ICANN has commenced the process of illustrating some basic data in geographical maps.

The data includes:

  • the number of accredited registrars there are and the countries in which they are located;
  • board and staff representation by nationality;
  • ccTLD agreements;
  • ccTLD financial contributions;
  • the countries in which the 29 ICANN meetings have been held so far;
  • the global areas that the Regional Internet Registries cover;
  • the general location of root servers based on publicly available information;
  • root zone Whois information;
  • support for IDNs at TLD registries;
  • registrations for the current San Juan meeting.

"This is a further example of making information about ICANN more accessible so that people can understand clearly how, why and what we do." said Paul Levins, Executive Officer and Vice President Corporate Affairs.

"Accessibility and transparency measures help people to hold us accountable."

"It joins the list of initiatives that ICANN has introduced to assist accountability and transparency including better board minutes, comprehensive Strategic, Operating and Budget plans, an annual report, a community blog, an improved website that clearly explains our processes, an independent review of transparency and accountability, newsletters and the posting of all in-bound and out-bound correspondence, amongst other things."

"We have also released a set of frameworks and principles for accountability and transparency that is open for consultation with the community and we look forward to feedback" Mr Levins said.

Media Contacts:

Jason Keenan
Media Adviser, ICANN (USA)
Ph: +1 310 382 4004

International: Andrew Robertson
Edelman (London)
Ph: +44 7921 588 770

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