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FY11 Travel Support Guidelines Version 1 Now Posted

17 August 2010

Explanation: In April-May 2010, a public comment period was held for 30 days on the topic of community travel support to ICANN meetings.

In addition to Board members and staff attending ICANN international meetings, about 100 members of the ICANN community receive travel support. The travel guidelines specify how community members are selected to receive travel support. The budget impacts on ICANN of community travel support amount to nearly $1.5 million.

As there has been much community feedback in various forums including public comment regarding modifications to these guidelines, ICANN is issuing this Version 1 of the guidelines so that some of these comments can be further researched and potentially implemented, where appropriate, by the Constituency Travel team later this year.

FY11 Community Travel Support Guidelines Version 1 [PDF, 728 KB]

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