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ICANN Launches Accountability Structures Expert Panel, Seeks Community Input

11 September 2012

In fulfillment of ATRT Recommendations 23 and 25, calling for a review of ICANN's Accountability Structures, ICANN has identified an international panel of experts to serve on the Accountability Structures Expert Panel (ASEP). Biographies of the experts are available at

The ASEP is interested in hearing from the ICANN community regarding your thoughts on ICANN's accountability structures, particularly the Reconsideration process and the Independent Review process, and whether they can or should be modified. Your comments and inputs can be submitted to and comments can be viewed at Please provide your input by 1 October 2012.

The ASEP will be posting updates regarding its work, with a detailed project plan expected by mid-September. All information regarding the ASEP will be accessible from the ASEP page at

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