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ICANN Publishes Revision to Proposed ICM (.XXX) Registry Agreement for Public Comment

5 January 2007

Consistent with the direction given by the ICANN Board as described in the Preliminary Report of the 12 February 2007 Special Meeting of the Board, ICANN today posted for public comment a revised Appendix S [PDF, 108K] of the proposed registry agreement with ICM (sponsoring organisation for the proposed .XXX registry).

The remainder of the proposed agreement (posted in the 5 January 2007 announcement below) is unchanged.

Public comments can be made at and viewed at Public comments received on or before 9 March 2007 will be considered at the next scheduled Special Meeting of the ICANN Board (see



ICANN Publishes Revised Proposed Agreement on .XXX

5 January 2007

A revised proposed agreement with ICM providing for designation of a .XXX sTLD registry is published for public comment. The public comment period will be open until 5 February 2007.


ICM submitted one of ten applications received in response to an ICANN Request for Proposal to create new Sponsored Top-Level Domain (sTLD) registries (see

Details on the process are contained in the recently posted announcement.

More recently, a proposed registry agreement for .XXX (sponsored by the ICM registry) was posted on 16 April 2006 (see ICANN requested and received substantial comments on the previously posted agreement. ICANN also requested and received advice from the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) regarding the application (see, [PDF, 91K]).

The ICANN Board considered the agreement at its meeting on 10 May 2006 and voted not to approve the agreement as proposed, but did not reject the application.

Subsequently, ICM has continued to work to modify the agreement in order to address public policy issues raised by the GAC. ICM and ICANN Staff have been renegotiating a revised agreement for community review and board consideration. Following the public comment period, the ICANN Board will consider the revised proposed agreement in light of the ICANN community feedback and other public comments received.

Revised Proposed Agreement

Appendix S Part 8 [PDF, 21K] (New) to the proposed ICM Registry Agreement – describing the ICM Registry Operator’s Commitments regarding Policy Development and Stakeholder Protection Activities

Proposed ICM Registry Agreement for .XXX [PDF, 240K]

Public Comment Forum
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ICM Documents

Additional new documents provided by ICM in support of their application:

1) Summary of Major Changes to the previously posted agreement

2) Additional Assurances Regarding Policy Development

a) Letter re ICM commitments regarding compliance monitoring [PDF, 108K]
b) Background on Internet Content Rating Association [PDF, 98K]
c) Letter re Policy Development [PDF, 99K]
d) Background on Family Online Safety Institute [PDF, 31K]

3) Child Safety Provisions

4) Enforceability Provisions

5) Changes Responding to GAC Advice:

a) ICM Statement on Response to GAC Communique re Policy and Enforcement
b) ICM Statement on GAC Request for Information

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