Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Jun Murai

Jun Murai is currently Professor, Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University (Japan); Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies, United Nations University; Instructor at Tokyo University of Art and Music; President of the Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC); General Chairperson of the WIDE Project (a Japanese Internet research consortium); Vice Chairperson of the Japanese chapter of the Internet Society; and Vice President of the Japanese Internet Association. He is a member of the board of the Internet Society.

Previously, he developed the Keio Science and Technology Network, and the Japan University UNIX Network (JUNET). His research has centered on electronic observation, satellite Internet, multimedia Internet, and mobile and ubiquitous computing.

Mr. Murai graduated from Keio University (1979), holds a Master's degree in computer science from Keio University (1981), and a Doctorate in computer science from Keio University (1987).

He was appointed as one of ICANN's nine initial directors in October 1998. He served until 26 June 2003. He also serves as chair of the Root Server System Advisory Committee.

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