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Veni Markovski | VP – Global Stakeholder Engagement

Veni Markovski

One of Bulgaria's earliest Internet adopters and an international cybersecurity expert, Veni Markovski has devoted his career to promoting open Internet use and global governance around the globe.

His Internet career began in September 1990 when he became one of the first operators of a FidoNet Bulletin Board System in Sofia, Bulgaria. As the World Wide Web grew from concept to reality, Veni founded the country's second Internet Service Provider in 1993, which became widely known as BOL. In 1995, with other like-minded Internet pioneers, he founded the non-profit Internet Society of Bulgaria, of which he's currently chairman of the Board.

His deep understanding of Internet issues in the region has made him a valuable advisor to governments, civil society and businesses alike. From 2006 to 2009 Veni supported the work of the Bulgarian Governmental Agency for Information Technologies and Communications by advising its chairman on international ICT-related issues. For 10 years, he was chair of the Bulgarian President's IT advisory committee, which consisted of Bulgarian IT-experts, and people like Vint Cerf and Esther Dyson, among others. He has also been expert to several Bulgarian Parliaments, and is among the contributors to different laws, among them the Telecommunications Act, the Penal Code (computer crimes chapter), the Electronic Document and Digital Signature Law, the Copyright Law, and others.

Dedicated to public service, he has served on the Boards of ICANN, the Internet SocietyCPSR, Sofia New Symphony Orchestra, and others. In 2003 he ran for mayor of Sofia. An enthusiastic fan of Russian and European history and culture, Veni brought important and historical cultural perspectives to his stakeholder engagement efforts at ICANN during his tenure as Vice-President, responsible for Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

As of March 20th, 2014 he is in a new role – Vice President, Global Stakeholder Engagement. In this position, based in New York, Veni will, amongst other responsibilities, work closely with the United Nations (UN) agencies and the missions to the UN, and engage in cybersecurity cooperation.

Veni earned his Master of Science degree in Law from Sofia University in 1997. He has published in dozens of Bulgarian and foreign newspapers and magazines since 1984, and is a frequent presenter at IT – and cybersecurity-related conferences around the world.

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