Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


This page offers resources about ICANN: what’s going on, who works here, principles we steer by, and how you can get involved. Click in the left navigation column (or on any heading below) to find the following information.

Welcome. A broad overview of ICANN’s mission, method, and accomplishments.

Learning. Tools such as webinars and podcasts that teach about initiatives currently under way.

Participate. How you can move from observing, to actively helping improve the Internet.

CEO. Biography of the current President and Chief Executive Officer of ICANN.

Staff. Brief bios and some photos of employees and contractors of ICANN.

Careers. Check here to see if we have a job opening matching your skills.

Governance Documents. Foundational documents in full, such as our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and more.

A Unique Authoritative Root. An explanation of the technical reasons the Domain Name System must stem from one authoritative source; why “alternate roots” fall short.

Agreements. ICANN’s major agreements with entities ranging from registries and registrars, to the United States government.

Affirmation of Commitments Review. Assessments and reports on progress toward our objectives.

Annual Report. Recaps of accomplishments and financial standing for each fiscal year.

Financials. Reference material about ICANN’s finances in general; for this fiscal year; for next year; and historically.

Transparency. Requests from the public making use of our Documentary Disclosure Information Policy.

Planning. Where are we headed? Our three-year Strategic Plan, and related materials.

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